Pier 7 San Francisco Engagement


San Francisco has an abundance of romantic spots, but there’s something about Pier 7 that really warms the heart. Perhaps it’s the original wooden boards that line this last undeveloped pier, stretching from the bustling Embarcadero out to the peaceful sea, lined with an ornate cobalt railing and antique lamp posts. Or maybe it’s the peaceful view of the Bay Bride that greets you at the end of this long walk, and the surprise one gets as they turn around and see the glittering city backdrop behind them. What ever it is, it made for a beautiful spot to photograph Mercedes & Nick’s sweet fall engagement.

Mercedes arrived in a stunning blue dress and elegant black heels that played off the ocean colors and sunset city background perfectly. Nick came expertly matching in a pressed plaid button down with subtle blue and grey stripes that looked lovely with his fiancés dress. Together they played, strolled, danced, kissed, and laughed along with me out on the pier to create some beautiful images. We were lucky to have such a beautifully golden sunset right behind us that really gave part of the session a dreamy, romantic feel.

To Mercedes and Nick –  thank you again for being such good sports in dodging the investable San Francisco crowds and battling the fit of wind & cold. Who knew the end of that pier could have such a temperate change over the water! You two handled the conditions with such grace and did not let it hold you back from showing your sweet love to each other. Both of you have such infectious smiles- I could not get enough! I can not wait to photograph your wedding day this summer. If it was anything like our engagement session together- it will undoubtly be a stunning day to remember.

Beautifully DOCUMENTED memories await.